Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fashion Statement from Rena

I have been so busy lately setting up my website and traveling that I have sorely neglected my blog and I apologize.  I am sitting in beautiful Sedona, AZ at this very moment enjoying the natural beauty of the red rocks.  I wish you could all be here with me.

I am a big fan of Rena Klingenberg and her many publications for jewelers so today, I want to share one of her recent articles.  I will be featuring her in my blog regularly and I hope you enjoy and take advantage of her many wonderful ideas.

An Example of Wearing Jewelry that Contrasts with Your Clothes

by Rena Klingenberg on September 5, 2011
In the latest issue of my newsletter, I talked about wearing jewelry that contrasts with your clothes vs. jewelry that matches them.
I saw a perfect example of this a couple of days ago, when my mom and I were on an early-morning exercise walk in the mall.
These two mannequins in a store window kindly demonstrated the difference between jewelry that matches your outfit (on the left) and jewelry that contrasts with it (on the right):

Even though the gal on the left is wearing more jewelry (a double-strand necklace plus a bracelet and ring), you can hardly see her jewels at all.
Meanwhile, the fashion-savvy gal on the right wears just one piece of jewelry (a single-strand necklace), but it really makes a visual impact – even from farther away:

Now if only these two gals had good heads on their shoulders, the fashion-savvy one on the right could drop a hint to her friend on the left about accessorizing. :)

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