Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Art of Abandonment

Art Abandonment

"... art is a great way to make people's lives richer..." 
- Michael DeMeng, artist

About a week ago Michael DeMeng started the facebook group Art Abandonment  after leaving a few of his unique sketches around Eugene, Oregon. 

photo courtesy of Michael DeMeng
In a recent blog post (click here to read), Michael talks about how he has left random bits of art here & there for years, in hopes that the pieces find a home. A week ago he started this facebook  group for anyone who want to play along - to create & abandon something on the off chance it finds the right person. In less than a week, the group has over 3100 members (& growing). I think I was around number 200-wowzers!!

How does it work? Basically you make something, leave it somewhere (with a note stating that it is free for the taker) & post a photo in the facebook group. Taken from Mr. DeMeng's site:
  1. All you have to do is make a piece of art.  (as simple or as elegant as you like)
  2. Write a little note on it explaining that it is a gift 
  3. Also mention that if the finder would like to share info about its fate they can contact the FaceBook group by emailing
  4. You should also leave you're web address contact info…you never know…you might have created a new patron.
  5. Photo what you're leaving
  6. Then leave it…walk away…run…try not to get caught.
  7. Then on Facebook share the location and photo of your gift with the rest of us.  Here's the group address:
  8. Keep your fingers crossed that someone lets us know what became of it.  I certainly doubt that everyone will take the time to inform the group, but I'm hoping we get a few periodic bites.

I haven't abandoned any art yet but I am  making plans to start next week.  I am leaving on a trip soon and will be abandoning it all along the way.

If you like to create and share, listen to these words straight from the man himself:O)

Also,  check out the facebook group here, DeMeng's blogpost here, or just drop me a note & I am happy to chat with you about it. In the meantime, never leave a stone unturned!

We now have a beautiful logo, compliments of Andrea DeMeng.  Thank you Andrea and Michael for providing so many people so many reasons to smile:O)  This whole thing is truly incredible.

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