Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friends from childhood

Hi everyone.  We had a wonderful day today with friends from John's childhood.  He and Tom grew up together in Pa and I've been friends with Charlotte since John and I met in 1962.  They visited us two years ago in Green Valley and we all went to Mexico together and really enjoyed ourselves.  This year they came with their Airstream trailer and are staying in the local RV Resort.  They've been here for 3 months and we have had such a good time together.  They will be leaving in 2 weeks and I'm really sad to see them go.  John and Tom have had such a good time shooting together and Char and I have never been at a loss of things to do.  We've checked out all of the quilt shops locally and enjoyed many great lunch dates, both with the 2 of us and several times with other friends.  It will certainly be hard to bid them farewell but we know they will be back next year so we have that to look forward to.  We are beginning to get ready for our trek to the mountains for the summer.  Pinetop is calling us and I'm ready.  We are so very lucky to be able to enjoy all of the opportunities that life has presented us with and we are happy to share.  We certainly wish our children and families lived closer and could enjoy this time with us but that is not the case so we will continue to include our friends in on the roster of activities and live life to the fullest. 

Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the huge moon looming over us tonight;o)

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