Monday, March 28, 2011

A Senior Moment

The cute young officer told me that I should slow down on the frontage road today. ME, of all people.  The person that ALMOST always obeys the traffic laws.  The one that is constantly nagging DH to slow down and not follow so close behind the car in front of us.  I ALWAYS, well, almost always, maintain the 40 MPH speed on the frontage road.  Mainly because I am a law abiding citizen and also because I know that this cute little motorcycle officer sits in this one little out of view spot and has his radar going.  Well, today was my day.  I'd had a nice shopping and lunch date with my girlfriend who leaves Wednesday for Ohio.  I'd made my bank deposit and was on my way home to work on some projects.  I'm just humming along, minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye, BAM....there he is and he's starting his cycle up.  I'm had, I thought.  No point in even trying to adjust at this point.  Sure enough, I pass him and he pulls in behind me.  No light yet but he wouldn't pull me over on the frontage road - too dangerous.  I make my right hand turn to go up the road and sure enough, he follows.  About 30 seconds later (the first opportunity I would have to pull over safely) blip, blip, blip go his little blue lites.  I pull over and start looking for my paperwork.  He appears at my window and we begin the polite conversation..."how are you today?"  I reply, "great, how are you?"  "May I please see your lic. and reg."  I've never had to show my registration before, where would I look for it?"  He smiles politely and replies, "Wherever you put it, there is no designated spot:O)"  I look and I find it in the glove box where I knew it was all the time.  He takes my paperwork and informs me that I was going 53 in a 40!!  Yikes, I'm dead!!.  I spend my time while he's away preparing paperwork putting my papers back in the glove box.  Oops, here he comes and I fumble with these damn automatic windows until I find the right button.  He smiles, hands me the paperwork and tells me he is only giving me a warning and nothing will come of it.  I breathe a sign of relief and return the smile, along with a pat on his hand.  I said, "you know, if people go the speed limit on the frontage road, those old people about run you over."  Again, he smiled and told me that that was why he was there and to have a nice day.....vroom and off he went.  I made sure before he got away that I thanked him for his services to the community and I would slow down - really, I will.....I felt lucky today and I'd rather spend my money on beads and silver that speeding tickets. 

I came home and finished my projects.  Here is a picture of the clasp I made for a new necklace - I love it.  It was a silver disk that I cut the hole in, stamped, domed and textured.  The bar is a silver tube that I added the beads and wire to.   What do you think??  This project was in the April issue of Step by step Wire Jewelry and the author is Cassie Donlen.

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