Friday, March 25, 2011

It was time for a change-a makeover-a new blog and it was time to re-brand myself.  I've had the official title of The Bear Affair for 20+ years.  It all started out when my sons gave me a gorgeous bear for Christmas one year.  Her name is Gloria Vanderbear and she still holds a place of reverence in my home.  I was doing alot of crafting in those days and bear collecting became my addiction.  At one point during a family visit, my grand daughter exclaimed to everyone in sight, "Grandma, I counted 450 bears upstairs last night."  I quickly redirected her conversation to another topic and off we went.  After all, if I kept moving them around no one would be able to keep track, right???  Well, over the years I have amassed quite a collection. 
Some of these bears are very rare and collectible.  One of them roller skates and another one marches along while beating his drum.  While on a visit to California one year I spotted this HUGE brown bear in an antique shop and, well, I just had to have him.  His name is Benjamin and I flew him home with me......well, not on the same plane but he did go by air.  I have a lovely collection of Robert Raikes bears and in future blogs I'll include some pictures of them.  For now though, it is all about changing and updating.  Silversmithing is my game now and I figured that I needed a name that would do justice to my art so now you know the rest of the story - MY ART AND MY SOUL will be my new business name and I love it.  What do you think?  Tell me how you chose your business name.  I love hearing from you so please leave me a comment or two before you leave the blog. 


  1. Love the new name! I've been Naked Hope for a while now...because that's what I always seem to have to get me through!

  2. Hi Hope and thanks for stopping by. Your posts are always so honest and up front with the world. I hope your world shines brightly soon. Hugs to you.


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